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January 21, 2012


Trisha Roa

Carrie, you are the most unselfish person I know! You amaze me with your talents and with your generosity. You prove to me that there are really good people out there that think of others and not just themselves. Thank you for that! I'm proud to call you my friend! <3 you!

Cheryl Stoneham

Carrie, I am SO enjoying all your RAK's that you have been doing. You inspire me! <3


Carrie!! You rule!! Seriously!! So so happy we are connected!! Love you girl!!!


Kathryn Robicheau

I read your 40 RAK post earlier and thought it was such a great idea. You're really making a difference in someone's day. Happy Belated Birthday and I can't wait to hear about your other RAKs.

Sydney Childers

Not to sound too cliche, but I can TRULY say, YOU INSPIRE ME!
I often want to do good, but look at my finacial situation and get discouraged.
and then you say/post things that make me realize that all you need is love, and the desire to better yourself!

Things of Blue

You are all seriously WAYYYYY kinder to me than I deserve!!!! Thank you all for your encouragement!!!! Love you all!!!!

Kristin Buford

I think this an awesome idea. I liked it so much I told my mom about it. I think for her birthday I am going to do 67 random acts of kindness in her honor rather than give her something that I am going to inherit eventually anyway.


Happy 40th birthday (a little belated) and good luck on your 40 random acts of kindness!

Things of Blue

I can not thank you all enough for how supportive and kind you all were during this entire process. Jenny, you are the winner!!!! ACK!!!! No pressure making something for you!!!!

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