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April 03, 2012


Kadee Metzger

Yea, Carrie!! My beautiful writing friend and all around very creative person is back... so glad to read your new post!! Next I need to check out your Etsy shop! Keep up with those forward steps!

Elna Wohlitz

Reading you post today gave me hope. It made me think that the times I stare at the things in my studio will pass. The energy and the creative process will come again. It works in circles.
Keep Going! Keep Strong! Hope your ETSY store is a blast.


hello Carrie, I am so glad to find such an amazing artist and blog...You are an inspiration and i hope you continue to blog even if it is just ocaasionally. Congrats on opening your etsy shop....I am sure you will be a success


Carrie, I just happen to find your blog today. You are so talented. I read your blog. I have in the past been told that I suffered from depression most my adult life, well, Until this past December I went to a psychiatrics and I was told that I have Adult ADD. I have in the past 30 years tried about 15 or more anti-depressants needless to say none helped me. The only thing they helped me do was gain weight which I didn't not need to do and cost me about 30 years of my life. I am very thankful for finding a doctor that would listen to me without saying "here take this ......." I wish you the best. Hope to read more of your blog. Pam

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